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Passing, shooting and skating drill

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By Hockey Player Staff
Oct 23, 2001, 15:04

With one player each at Positions 2 and 3 (both just inside the blueline) and 4, the rest of the team starts at Position 1. The dashed line represents puck movement, while the solid line represents player movement.This drill is a great all-around tool because it combines all major aspects of the offensive game: passing, skating and shooting. After the goalie has been warmed up, run this drill before moving on to more complicated ones.

Station 1

The player at Station 1 starts the drill by making a quick, brisk pass to Station 2. Immediately after making the pass, Player 1 quickly skates up along the boards and around the blue line face-off dot (and the Station 2 player), then streaks directly toward the net, anticipating a pass (from Station 4) upon entering the slot. The player tries to score from the slot, and then moves on to become the new player at Station 4.

Station 2

This is actually the last station of the drill. After receiving the pass from Station 1, this player makes a quick pass to Station 2, waits for Player 1 to skate around him, and then skates to the back of the Station 1 line, picking up a stray/unused puck along the way.

Station 3

Upon receiving the pass from the Station 2 player, Station 3 makes a quick pass to Station 4 and drives along the blue line to the other side of the rink to become the new player at Station 2 for a new cycle of the drill.

Station 4

After receiving the pass from Station 3, this player makes a pass to Player 1, who by this time is streaking into the slot, ready for a pass. Upon making the pass to Player 1 in the slot, this player skates briskly up the boards to become the new player at Station 3. By this time a new cycle of the drill is underway.

Points to remember

• This is quick drill; cycle two can begin before Player 1 has taken a shot.

• Passing should be quick and brisk.

• Skating should emphasize swift starts and stops.

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