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The Breakaway: Things to Remember

September 14, 2011 General 4 Comments

The breakaway: Things to remember
By Wayne Anderson
Oct 31, 2001, 15:47

On a breakaway, your shot choices will most often be the wrist shot or the backhand. Here are four things to remember that will make your “in-alone” shot more effective.

1. Always keep your head up and watch the goaltender. If a goalie sees your head down he’s more likely to challenge you or poke-check the puck away.

2. As you break in, try to keep the puck in the middle. This keeps a goalie from cheating to one side—he has to protect the entire net. Remember, if you are even with the middle of the net, the puck is actually to one side. It’s the puck’s position that matters!

3. Keep the puck on your forehand until the goaltender makes his move. This gives you more options: you can take a quick shot if forced, or move to the backhand if you start to run out of room.

4. And always keep skating! Once you stop skating the goaltender knows you are committed. This sounds basic, but it take lots of practice. Tip: Have someone videotape you practicing breakaways. What are your skates doing the second before you shoot? Are they gliding? A second is a long time for an accomplished goalie! l

— Wayne Anderson

This first appeared in the 10/1994 issue of Hockey Player Magazine®
© Copyright 1991-2001 Hockey Player® and Hockey Player Magazine®

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    This artlice keeps it real, no doubt.

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