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Defensive Drill Needed

December 16, 2013 Hockey Blogs No Comments
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Defensive Drill Needed

December 16, 2013 Hockey Blogs No Comments
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Robert Morris Head Coach Derek Schooley Brings Us Another Drill

December 11, 2013 Drills, Hockey Blogs No Comments

Last week Coach Schooley gave us the Raider Passing drill and today he offers us Canadians Reverse 1 on 1. Last night at practice I ran this drill along with a few others that are designed to work on 1 on 1 skills. This drill works on communication between the defensemen as well as defending the 1 on 1 rush. It works best with six defensemen but can work just as well with four or five also. Make sure D2 is talking to D1 and calling for the reverse. Don’t allow the D to just make the pass without the communication aspect of the drill. The D need to get used to talking to each other in practice so they can do it properly in a game. With the forwards make sure you make them use different attack options during the rush. I don’t allow my players to try the move where they put the puck between the defenders legs and try to get around them during this drill. I want the forwards to work on a power move down the wall if the D has a tight gap, or if the D has a loose gap use him as a screen and fire a shot through his legs at the goaltender. I think it’s important for a forward to have a few moves they can use so forcing them to practice specific moves during this drill will help to make them a more well rounded player. We all know that come game time they are very likely to just try and put the puck between the legs of the defender but if they practice a few other moves maybe they will attempt it during a game.

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Half-Ice Practice Plan

December 9, 2013 Hockey Blogs No Comments

I get a lot of requests for half ice drills because so many teams are sharing ice to save money. My team practices once each week on shared ice so I thought I would post one of my practice plans for a half ice practice so you can see the type of drills I run with my team. Keep in mind I coach a Tier I Midget 16 team so my needs may be different from yours. I am a huge fan of small area games and I allocate around fifteen minutes of every practice to running different small area games. I start all my practice sessions with five minutes of  informal skating and stick handling then I go into a drill to warm-up the goaltenders. Take a look at the plan, maybe it will give you a few ideas to help with your half ice sessions.

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Head Coach Derek Schooley Brings us This Simple but Effective Passing Drill

December 4, 2013 Drills, Hockey Blogs No Comments

Yesterday I received this simple but very effective passing drill from Derek Schooley ( @DerekSchooley Twitter handle ) head coach at Robert Morris University. Coach Schooley was the very first D I coach to offer to help with this site when I first started it three years ago so it was really great to get some unsolicited drills from him again yesterday. I took it to practice last night and used it with my team and was very pleased with how it flows. You don’t need goaltenders for this drill so my guys were working with the goalie coach while the team executed the drill. If you don’t have a goalie coach to occupy your goaltenders just have them do some crease movement drills or run it the last few minutes of practice and let the goalies go off the ice early. Make sure the players execute the drill with a high tempo and be sure to make them keep their sticks on the ice so the passes can be quick one-touch type of passes.

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Horacek 5 Pass 2 on 1 Drive Drill

November 27, 2013 Drills, Hockey Blogs No Comments

I am always on the lookout for good team oriented drills and last night I watched former NHL player Tony Horacek run this drill with his Midget 16 team. Timing is very important with this drill and it may take a few rotations to get it right but once you do the drill will flow really nicely and force your players to make good passes and work on timing their approach to the receiving zones. This drill is best performed by the more advanced teams.

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Kevin Kenny Fund

November 25, 2013 Hockey Blogs No Comments
As hockey players, parents and coaches, we are one big family.  It doesn't matter if you play deck, roller or ice hockey, we need to look out and take care of one another.  Please see below the information on fellow player, Kevin Kenny who sustained a severe spinal cord injury during a hockey game on Saturday, November 16, 2013.

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