GearGeek – NHL Equipment Database

GearGeek is the world’s first online NHL equipment database.See what every active NHL player is using on the ice right now – sticks, gloves, pants, skates and helmets. You can sort by brands, teams, positions, stat leaders and more.GearGeek is free to …

4 Corners – D vs. O

Drill:1. Place O in each corner with a puck2. D starts in front of net and skates toward one of the O3. When he stops and transitions, the O drives the net and they play 1 on 1 until a score, puck freeze or D clears the puck4. D then picks another O an…

What evaluators look for during try-outs

I’ve been asked a lot over the years what I look for in a player during evaluations.  After watching my son during various AA & AAA Ice try-outs, I’ve been thinking more about this topic and wanted to share a bit of what I look for and some ot…

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Video Hockey Tips From the Pros

May 19, 2020 Hockey Blogs No Comments

do a collection of the tips from hockey canada

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How To Take a WristshotSKODA

May 19, 2020 Hockey Blogs No Comments

The wrist shot is the most used shot in the game, and also results in the most goals. The wrist shot is the first shot that a hockey player should learn because it is the most versatile shot and it teaches the fundamentals of shooting that many other types of shots use. In this article you will learn the fundamentals of the wrist shot. These tips will help you have a smoother shot, more power and more accuracy. This is great if you want to learn, or improve your shot.
Proper Hand Location
The first step to taking a good shot is making sure your hands are in the right spot. Your top hand should be in it’s standard location, on the top of the stick with the V between your thumb and index finger lined up with the top of the shaft. To line up your bottom hand – while holding the stick with your top hand – touch your elbow to your top hand and then grab the stick with your bottom hand. This is the highest that you want to hold the stick with your bottom hand. A little lower is fine.
Start with the puck in front of your body, knees slightly bent in the hockey stance, have your shoulder facing the target. This allows you to draw the puck across your body for more power.
Step 1 – draw the puck back
Drawing the puck back will add more power to your shot, ensure that you are still well balanced with your stance, you do not want your shot preparation to compromise your balance. As you pull the puck back you want to also load up your back leg (ensure that your back leg is bent). The puck should also be cupped with the blade of the stick to ensure the puck stays on the blade throughout the entire shot. Remember to get your hands away from your body
Step 2 – Pull the puck towards the net
With both hands pull the puck towards the net, and slightly in towards your body. This adds speed to the puck, and bringing the puck in towards your body a bit will allow you to lean on the stick a bit and flex it. Flexing the stick will add potential energy into the stick, which will be released later in the shot and give the shot more power. As you are pulling the puck towards the net your hands will move across your body and the blade of the stick should naturally open up, which will later allow the puck to come off the ice.
Step 3 – The snap
Once the puck is lined up with your front foot you are ready to “pull the trigger”. You want to really pull back with the top hand and push with the bottom hand. This motion adds a lot of extra power onto the shot, remember to also roll your wrists during this motion for better control and accuracy.
Step 4 – the follow through
The follow through should dictate where the puck goes. If you follow through low and roll your wrists over the puck will stay low, if you follow through high and do not roll the wrists over as much the puck will go higher (possibly over the net, so be careful)

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Add slideboard

May 19, 2020 Hockey Blogs No Comments

use kevin neeld vids that he emailed

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The Best Hockey Songs to Get you Pumped Up

May 19, 2020 Hockey Blogs No Comments

I have compiled a list of my favourite songs to listen to before hockey, some are good old rock, some are heavy metal and a little bit of rap. There are also a few old classics that are a bit lame, but still fun to sing to and get you all fired up.
The widget takes a few seconds to load, all songs can be purchased on Amazon, but for the AC/DC songs I recommend the originals

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Old Geezers are Just Boys with Wrinkles

May 1, 2020 Coaches No Comments

By Eric Miller

I’m getting older.  I guess my friends are getting older too.

“Get on the list,” he texted.

“What list?”

“Geezer hockey, Friday morning, minimum age is 50.”

“It’s been a while since I skated on ice.”

“You’ll be fine.  Other geezers will be there.  They’re cool guys.”

With that my brother threw down the gauntlet.  After years and miles away from ice hockey, Kirk dialed me in to play pick-up with a bunch of old farts. … Continue Reading

New Wheels Help Baby Boomer’s Game

December 14, 2019 Coaches 1 Comment

by Eric Miller

I always liked speed.”  Guy Lafleur, Montreal Canadiens

They are not Ferrari fast.  But they’re quicker than my old Lego® block wheels.

“Get decent wheels dude,” Tex advised.  A regular season Blazer teammate, Tex joined fellow teammate Roxanne and me to play summer hockey.  Northern California’s heat is unfriendly hockey weather where temperatures regularly pass the century mark.  Our in-line hockey arena, a former warehouse, can reach 105 F.  With wind chill conditions. … Continue Reading

Join my Charity Hockey Team

October 3, 2019 Hockey Blogs No Comments

On November 8th I’ll be playing on a charity hockey team to help raise money for those living with disabilities. An ex NHL player will join us on the team, we will draft our ex pro the night before. The tournament is hosted by Easter Seals at the Vaughan Sports Village and I’m offering up […]

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The Role of a Winger in Hockey

There are two wingers in hockey, right wing, and left wing. Both wing men, as well as the centermen are referred to as forwards. The forwards are offensively minded and will score the majority of your teams goals. As a winger you will mostly play on your side of the ice, right wing will play […]

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