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Labeda Wheels

November 6, 2010 Equipment, Video Content 1 Comment

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  1. Jashanjot says:

    oh, right. I thought that was November’s reoprt. Sorry for getting [email protected] No, donating isn’t the same as joining. should get you straight to the joining page (give or take some web browser security theatre about a CACert SSL certificate) adding a more obvious Join link is near the top of my list of things to do whenever they let me edit the website. It’s not $25 to join (but $25 donation would always be welcome) but contributing (voting) membership is only open to free software developers (including programmers, translators, packagers, ). Anyone can join as an associate member, though.I think I looked at PBooks a while ago. I’d consider it in April for myself if it was GPLv2, Apache, or something else unambiguously free software. I’m currently using a minor update of SQL-Ledger which is on my personal website somewhere, but it’s a MzScheme+CVS stuff pain to install just now. I don’t know if SPI would consider PBooks and I’m not sure if you were asking about that or TTLLP.

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