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First Look: The Easton RS Stealth

November 13, 2011 Equipment, Video Content No Comments

This is our initial review of the Easton RS Stealth. More to come soon!

Every time we get a product in the mail, we are very excited to take a look at it and get our hands dirty. I have to say that I haven’t been as excited to try out a new product like I have been with the Easton RS Stealth. Since Easton Hockey started to post pictures of it being used by Michael Cammalleri and Zach Parise among others during the playoffs last year, I hoped that it would arrive at our office door.

The stick arrived and its as sleek as ever. It’s very comfortable and the design matches its name. The Stealth RS is certainly that, whilst appearing a common twig it sneakingly is the sharpest tool of the ice. It’s light and feel dangerous in your hand.

Patrick also received a stick and offers his first impressions here on this video.

We will both follow up, as Patrick has been using the stick for the first few weeks already (he scored a hat trick in his first league game with it). We love the Stealth RS so far though and look forward to telling you more about it.

Bryce Randle is the managing editor of HockeyPlayer.com 


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