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Hockey Player® Magazine was published in a printed magazine format from September 1991 to November 1997 (and online since 1994), In 1998, it became an online-only publication.

You'll find articles of interest to players, coaches and parents: instructional playing tips, gear and new equipment, plus NHL profiles and interviews; all
written by leading hockey writers, coaches, clinicians and players.

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Quint Randle








I am captain of an adult hockey team. I have found HP to be a great publication. Thank you and keep up the good work!

David Warager
White Plaines, NY

The greatest hockey publication I have come across.

Jason Zukoski
Penfield, NY

We love to read your magazine and we find the tips extremely useful and articles fascinating.

Andrew McInnes
Hayden Gilbert

First I must tell you that I enjoy your articles on the technical part of hockey. I read them all. I find it rather odd that I have to go to articles writtten in the USA to get technical information on the game. I find your articles on the finer points of the game very good.

Bob Needham
Lethbridge, Alberta

Thanks to your power skating column, my skating has improved beyond what I thought possible. Your magazine is the best there is.

Eddie Tei
Miami, FL

I am a 15-year-old girl who is captan of an all-girls ice hockey team. I have read your "101 Hockey Tips" cover to cover many times, and every time I find it more and more helpful.

Allison Nemeth
Cherryville, PA

I am glad that I subscribe to HP. It has been where I get the most usable information for my hockey team.

John Patterson
Laurel, MD

It is the best I have ever read! I am 17 and play on a junior team here in Austria.

Kurt Koschat
Mooseburg, Austria

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