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Striding Forward Inline

November 15, 2011 General No Comments

Striding forward inline
By Robby Glantz
Nov 6, 2001, 19:50


Summer training is a vital element in improving on-ice performance. I am a firm believer in the benefits of dry-land activities such as plyometrics (spring-coil exercises), sprints, slideboards, bungee cords and in-line skating. An off-season program incorporating these activities will allow you to strengthen the most important body parts involved in skating, your legs and lower body. Of these activities, in-line skating is perhaps the best method to cross-train for ice hockey. It is now also, of course, a sport unto its own. With that in mind, this column will focus on techniques and drills to improve your forward stride while on in-line skates. These tips and drills, if applied and practiced, will give you a great start towards reaching your potential, and becoming the best in-line skater and hockey player you can be.

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Overloading the Power Play

November 14, 2011 General No Comments

Overloading the power play
By By Fred Pletsch

Even though you can’t go much beyond the basics with kids, Clarkson University coach Mark Morris says that in youth hockey, just as in the NCAA and NHL, personnel and execution are critical factors in the success of the power play.

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Making Daydreams Come True

November 13, 2011 General No Comments

This first appeared in the 08/1995 issue of Hockey Player Magazine®

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Shots That Score

November 12, 2011 General No Comments

This first appeared in the 08/1995 issue of Hockey Player Magazine®

Shots that score
By Wayne Anderson

Watching a roller hockey team practice at the local rink, I saw almost every player work on their slap shot while warming up the goaltender. Down at the other end there was one player practicing on an open net, trying from in close to score in the top corners. In the game that followed, guess who scored a couple of goals? … Continue Reading

You’ve Got a Friend: The Goalie Coach

November 11, 2011 General No Comments

You’ve got a friend: The goalie coach
By Sam Laskaris
Nov 6, 2001, 19:36

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1995: 10 Reasons the Rangers Won the Cup

November 9, 2011 General No Comments

1995: 10 reasons the Rangers won the cup
By Alex Carswell
Nov 6, 2001, 19:29

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Skating with the Ref

November 8, 2011 General No Comments

Skating with the Ref
By Alex Carswell
Nov 6, 2001, 19:24

Leary can poke check too. ©BBS

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What Style Should You Play

November 6, 2011 General No Comments

What style should you play?
By Mitch Korn
Nov 6, 2001, 07:32



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Getting Your Team Sponsored

November 5, 2011 General 2 Comments

Getting your team sponsored
By Paul Chapey
Nov 6, 2001, 07:30


“Dude, I’ve got this roller hockey team, and we’re really good, man. There’s this one guy, he’s awesome. You wouldn’t want to sponsor us, would you?” asked the team captain.

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2nd Annual Book of Lists (1994)

November 4, 2011 General 1 Comment

2nd Annual Book of Lists (1994)
By Stan Fischler
Nov 6, 2000, 07:26

Biggest dissapointment.

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